Eminem Releasing New Music On “Southpaw” Soundtrack

Eminem is executive producing and releasing new music on the Southpaw (Music from and inspired by the motion picture) soundtrack, according to a press release posted on Shady Records’ website today (May 22).

The Detroit rapper’s “Phenomenal” is the project’s first single. It is produced by DJ Khalil and is featured in the trailer of the film, which is below.

The soundtrack is set to be released on Shady/Interscope Records and slated for a July release. Southpaw is due in theaters July 24.

The film follows light heavyweight boxing champion Billy “The Great” Hope, who is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal. Former Shady Records recording artist 50 Cent portrays Hope’s lifelong friend and manager.

“We have been involved in developing Southpaw since it’s inception and Eminem has dedicated himself to ensuring that this film captured his passion for the project through his music,” Shady Records President Paul Rosenberg says in the press release. ” We’ve assembled a great soundtrack to accompany what’s sure to be one of the finest boxing films ever.”

50 Cent To Face Trial For Leaked Sex Tape; 50 Sues Rick Ross Over Tape

50 Cent is known for his antics on social media as well as being an outspoken person. And while consequences of his actions on Twitter and Instagram usually field some public backlash, Fif has steered clear of legal problems in that realm. Until now.

50 and Rick Ross supposedly squashed their infamous beef six years ago but there is still residue from the bout finding its way into the current day. The Queens native is slated to head to trial stemming from a lawsuit via Rick Ross’ child’s mother, Lastonia Leviston.

50 Cent leaked a sex tape of Lastonia Leviston, which clocked over 3.2 million views on YouTube. Leviston claims the video was released without her consent and is suing for emotional distress. According to the New York Daily News, the trial proceedings are scheduled to start in June.

50 Cent previously attempted to have the trial dismissed but was unsuccessful.

The case’s deposition stated he was given the sex tape from Maurice Murray, the man originally featured in the tape with the plaintiff. The original version, which 50 said he didn’t actually post himself, depicted Murray with a blurred out face, however Leviston’s identity was not censored. 50 subsequently doctored the video to have himself as the character “Pimpin’ Curly,” an attempt to mock Ross.

Jay Z Showed Marina Abramovic the Receipts


The most definitive way to win an argument is to show the damn receipts—figuratively or, in the case, of Jay Z’s absurd feud with conceptual artist Marina Abramovic, literally.

In an interview published yesterday, Abramovic alleged that Jay Z had negotiated her appearance in his “Picasso Baby” video—which was inspired by Abramovic’s performance “The Artist is Present”—by promising a donation to her eponymous institute, but had failed to follow through. Abramvoic said she was “pissed” and felt “used.”

Today, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, the director of the “Picasso Baby” video, spoke to artnews.net about the very literal receipt provided to Jay Z upon his donation:

“Thank you for your donation,” says a receipt from the Hudson, New York institute, according to New York dealer and “Picasso Baby” video producer Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn of Salon 94, who read parts of the document to artnet News over the phone Wednesday morning.

The receipt is marked with the number W984804 and acknowledges a substantial donation, Greenberg Rohatyn said.

In a statement, the Marina Abramovic Institute said that Abramovic herself had not been informed about the donation and that “appropriate actions” had been taken to reconcile the matter.

Security At B.o.B Show Doesn’t Stop Beating On Stage Invader

During B.o.B’s set Sunday at the KSFM 102.5 Live concert in Sacramento a trouble maker did more than just try to get up on the stage. He also took a swing at a security guard. Bad idea.

Layzie Bone Helped Save A Dude’s Life

Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was driving down a Wyoming highway on his way to a show Saturday afternoon when something freaky went down. One of the other cars on the road started bobbing and weaving uncontrollably, threatening the other vehicles.

The car eventually spun off of the road. When Layzie pulled over to investigate he assumed the driver would be drunk. But instead the 24-year old was in a diabetic shock. Layzie Bone began talking to the confused man. He wasn’t sure where he was, but did have the wherewithal to know who Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was.

Then, with the help of other motorists, they were able to get him right again

Ghostface Killah’s ’12 Reasons To Die II’ Track Listing


The sequel to Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge’s extraordinary 12 Reasons To Die will be arriving on July 10. These two are raising the stakes with an 11-track album that will feature Vince Staples, Raekwon, RZA, Chino XL, and more. You can check out the track listing below, then pre-order it on iTunes.

Are you excited to hear the story that Ghost and Adrian present on 12 Reasons To Die II?

01. Powerful One
02. Return of the Savage (feat. Raekwon & RZA)
03. King of New York (feat. Raekwon)
04. Rise Up (feat. Scarub)
05. Daily News
06. Get the Money (feat. Vince Staples)
07. Death’s Invitation Interlude (feat. RZA)
08. Death’s Invitation (feat. Lyrics Born, Scarub & Chino XL)
09. Let the Record Spin Interlude (feat. RZA)
10. Let the Record Spin (feat. Raekwon)
11. Black Out (feat. Raekwon)
12. Resurrection Morning (feat. Raekwon & Bilal)
13. Life’s a Rebirth (feat. RZA)

Snoop Dogg Wanted Nipsey Hussle To Play Him In ‘Straight Outta Compton’

If you think Nipsey Hussle gives off a Snoop Dogg vibe, you are certainly not alone.

In fact, Snoop asked his fellow Angeleno to play him in the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton.

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kidd, Snoop explained why Nipsey turned him down.

“I would’ve preferred Nipsey Hussle for the look,” Snoop said. “But Nipsey wanted to do his own thing, which I respect.”

“He don’t wanna be in my shadows as far as being so much associated with Snoop Dogg,” he continued. “And he’s doing a great job of creating his own lane right now, so I respect him for that.”

Snoop added that while the actor (Keith Stanfield) who plays him in the film does a good job, there’s not as much as a resemblances as there would have been with Nipsey.

Straight Outta Compton hits theaters August 14th.

New Tupac Movie To Focus On The Last Week Of His Life

The big Tupac biopic that was supposed to start filming this year probably won’t, as director John Singleton recently left the project.

Singleton said he was going to go on and make another Tupac movie, and now there is yet a third Tupac movie that wants to compete for your Pac dollars.

It’s 7 Dayz, and it focuses on the last week of Shakur’s life. It comes from Gobi M. Rahimi who, like Singleton, knew and directed Pac.

As of now, the movie is just a two minute trailer explaining the movie. Rahimi is trying to change that by crowd funding the $300,000 required to make the film. He has a long way to go.

Bobby Shmurda Involved In Gang-Related Prison Brawl

Bobby Shmurda reportedly joined Crip gang members in a jail fight against those who claim Blood last month.

Bobby Shmurda is apparently living his lyrics out in jail as he was allegedly involved in a gang-related prison brawl.

TMZ reports that last month Shmurda, who is currently awaiting trial on various charges, teamed up with three other Crip members against two Bloods in a fistfight. Prison guards at Otis Bantum Correctional Center reportedly used mace to break up the skirmish.

Bobby Shmurda is slated to begin his trial on June 25. He, along with members of his GS9 crew, faces over 100 charges including reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree and criminally using drug paraphernalia. If convicted on everything he faces 25 years in prison.

Nappy Roots “We Signed One of the Worst Deals” @247HH @NappyRoots

Introduction Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox
Skinny DeVille of Nappy Roots sits down with @247HH to talk about how they found out that they had signed one of the worst deals, when they first signed with Atlantic Records. Find out how they made a negative situation into a very positive one.