Fergie Feat. Nicki Minaj – You Already Know Official Video

Fergie Feat. Nicki Minaj – You Already Know official video…

DMX to Stay in Rehab Despite Achieving Healthy Weight & Staying Sober

In a very positive update, a lawyer for DMX says he is once again clean and sober–the news comes just about three weeks after the rapper entered rehab.

According to TMZ, X’s lawyer Murray Richman told them that the Yonkers spitter is back to a healthy weight after gaining 40 pounds. Murray says he was emaciated when he began treatment back in late August.

Murray says X’s course of treatment is complete; however, he’s advising the rapper to stay an additional 30 days at the New England facility because he’s responded so well to the program.

The additional time is not mandatory, though, and DMX is free to come and go as he pleases; he’s reportedly been taking day trips into a nearby town accompanied by a friend.

Things are not all roses for the Ruff Ryder; he’s still in deep with the IRS. Back in July he was hit with tax evasion charges totaling $1.7 million and faces up to 44 years behind bars if convicted on all 14 counts of tax evasion.

Richman tells TMZ that they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it–for now, they’re focusing on keeping DMX healthy. He also says that there’s a possibility of X going on tour at some point in the future.

Mystikal Indicted on Rape Charges; Bail Set at $3M

New Orleans rapper Mystikal has been indicted on charges of rape and kidnapping, according to reports.

The MC, real name Michael Tyler, had a warrant issued for his arrest by police last month (August) in Shreveport, Louisana for an alleged rape that occurred in 2016. The rapper later turned himself in to police.

Tyler has been charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping over an incident that allegedly took place in October last year in downtown Shreveport. The allegation stems from an incident at a Shreveport casino where the rapper was performing for the ‘Legends of Southern Hip-Hop’ concert.

Local news source KSLA now reports that Tyler has been indicted by a grand jury with his bond set at $3 million.

In 2003, Tyler was sentenced for six years in state prison charged with sexual battery and extortion after pleading guilty. The rapper served the full six years and was released in January 2010.

Mystikal debuted in 1995 with his debut solo album ‘Mind Of Mystikal’ and is best known for his contribution to Ludacris’ hit ‘Move Bitch’.

Meek Mill – “Team Rich”

Jay-Z x Roc Nation Signs Iggy Azalea

After touring with his wife and breaking box office records in 2013, rumor has it Jay-Z has signed Iggy Azalea w a deal @ Roc Nation. She said she managed to escape Def Jam the other week.. apparently this RN deal might just be management stuff tho, her new label home hasn’t been officially announced just yet


Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball might not have a fan in Nas anymore. The NBA rookie has playfully fired off some fire at the hip-hop legend.

In a new interview teaser, Lonzo downplayed Nas’ relevance and named a few of his current favorite rap acts.

“Y’all outdated, man, don’t nobody listen to Nas no more. Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

Joey Bada$$ is Blind

Rapper Joey Bada$$ may have fallen into the same trap as Donald Trump when viewing the total eclipse that crossed over America this week, potentially with more devastating effects than the President.

During the eclipse, the hip-hop star made a point of noting he wasn’t wearing any protective eyewear— a recommendation made by literally anybody who has any stature in the “should you wear protective glasses when looking at the sun” community. Just a day later, he cancelled shows on his tour for “unforeseen circumstances”.

“Am I crazy for watching the eclipse today w no glasses? I’ve sun gazed before and afterwards saw colors for a whole day. I didn’t die tho,” Joey tweeted during the eclipse.

Just a day later, Joey tweeted that he had to cancel at least two shows in North America. He didn’t  provide a reason why.

News outlets quickly picked up on the strange sequence of tweets, and began speculating whether Joey had been forced to drop the tour dates as a result of his ill-advised decision to stare at an eclipse. It wasn’t clear if that was the case, but Joey later retweeted several of the stories.

“Seeing double, stacking triple,” Joey tweeted, in apparent reference to stacking bills, or earning a lot of money.

New Release from Indiana’s Finest MC Matty Moe @MattyMoe812

Matty Moe releases a new un heard track titled “They Don’t Know Me” This track touches on feeling as if people think they know you but really have no idea on who you are.

Chicago Rapper Katie Got Bandz Arrested For Identity Theft

Katie Got Bandz has been arrested for identity theft. Records on the Cook County Sherriff’s Office website confirm that the Chicago rapper, real name Kiara Johnson, was arrested on August 7. She is being held on $50,000 bond and her arraignment date has been scheduled for August 21.

Under Illinois state law, identity theft can include fraudulently using someone else’s personal identification to “obtain credit, money, goods, services, or other property.”

The 24-year-old rapper’s most recent project, Drillary Clinton 3, was released in 2015. She has been gearing up to release a new tape entitled Katie Blanco.

A representative for Katie Got Bandz was not immediately available for comment.

Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Bra Again (PICS)

Kim Kardashian not wearing a bra…plus you can’t hear her in pictures so it’s a win win…