This has got the rumor mill turning and churning…according to notorious websites such as reddit and this is the report…

It has been reported that Ariana Grande broke up with Pete Davidson because she found out that he sent intimate photos of him with Ariana to Mac Miller as a way to end the rappers hopes of getting back with Ariana. The timing of these photo’s are ironically days before Mac Miller killed himself by overdosing on drugs.

Ariana reportedly found out this past weekend by Mac’s relatives who seen the text from Pete in Mac’s phone. Stay tuned for more updates. But for now we hear this pissed Ariana off who still had love for Mac Miller.

The source is coming from a website that we can’t verify yet, but here is the original article.

More details coming as we get them, stay tuned!

Too $hort – Go $hort Dog (Official Video)

Daz Dillinger Busted On 12 Felony Charges In Georgia

Rapper Daz Dillinger is facing some serious criminal charges, after getting busted in Georgia today with a huge stash of weed.

Cops raided Daz’ house in Powder Springs, Georgia, where they found marijuana, as well as 10 THC pods, oil, vaporizers and more paraphernalia inside of the home.

Daz was promptly arrested and sent to the Cobb County Jail, where he was booked on 12 felony counts.

The legendary rap star is being held on $15,000 bond and is waiting to see the judge.

Cops Investigating Birdman And Young Thug For Ordering A Hit On Lil Wayne

It’s a magnificent day for Lil Wayne.

He just celebrated the release of Tha Carter V – an album many are calling a classic – in addition to having a party in Los Angeles to mark his 36th birthday.

Tha Carter V is the first release Lil Wayne has ever put out on his own label, Young Money Records, after he won his freedom after settling a $51 million lawsuit with Birdman and Cash Money.

As for Birdman, he could be staring at some serious jailtime, since he is the subject of a criminal investigation.

According to The Cobb County, Georgia District Attorney, they are involved in a serious criminal probe, in an attempt to define the role Birdman may have played in a 2015 shooting, where Lil Wayne’s bus took a massive amount of gunfire after he left a performance at Compound.

Investigators said they are also investigating Young Thug’s part in the shooting, which resulted in a 20-year-sentence for a man named Jimmy Winfrey, who was Young Thug’s road manager.

Winfrey has told prosecutors he was just acting on the orders of Birdman, who supposedly ordered the hit on Wayne over a lawsuit he filed against Cash Money Records, for failing to pay him millions in advances and royalties.

The bus driver, named Alvin Lewis, also filed a lawsuit against Young Money, Cash Money, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Young Thug and Peewee Roscoe, claiming the rappers almost killed him during the wild incident.

Birdman has already denied any involvement in the shooting.

“That’s like the craziest s##t I ever heard in my life,” said Birdman about the allegations he tried to have Wayne murdered. “I’m passionate about my family, my kids, and my life. Nothing means more to me.”

Nas Blasts Kelis In Explosive Open Letter, Denies Allegations Of Domestic Abuse

Nas has lashed out at ex-wife Kelis in an explosive, epic seven-post Instagram diatribe, where he completely breaks his silence and denies domestic abuse allegations.”

“I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife,” he said.

Nas countered her previous assertions in a salacious interview with Hollywood Unlocked and then accused Kelis of attacking him verbally and physically.

“The price I pay to see my son. I am speaking from the heart as a man who has had enough. Today I got a call from (a magazine) about my ex-wife doing another sad, fictitious story,” he said. “Nothing surprises me anymore, including this. This is what your life has come to sis? Exploiting some people’s real struggle and pain…just to get at me….to get attention? Fame? Another fight against men?”

The 44-year old rapper than stated that Kelis has prevented him from seeing his son even though they have a court-appointed joint custody agreement.

“We are a human family and we should be better examples for our son. Why is there even a issue for me to have time with my son. A son needs his father,” he continues. “So many absentee fathers out here and here I am being attacked by your accusations simply because I got us in court to help fix this the custody matter? Why did I have to take you to court to see our son? Why when I win the joint custody (which is a win for both of us and our son, it helps us with both our schedules) why do you feel [that’s] an attack on you? Is it control? Why do you need to have control over my life? Because we’re not together? Then why?”

The rapper also opined on his own parental abilities as “the most chill cool parent there is.”

He also charged that the Harlem singer has been extremely abusive to his daughter as well.

“Seems I always had more belief in you than you do for yourself. I instilled strength in my daughter who you were already so jealous of and treated poorly. Being jealous & verbally abusive to a Little girl,” the rapper said.

Nas did admit to being unfaithful in the marriage and apologized. He then blasted Kelis more.

“You bumped your own head sis. Why do I have to live thru a constant divorce? It didn’t work out. Life goes on,” he said.

Moreover, Nas said he has helped Kelis establish her new career and supported her financially.

“I paid for your cooking school cordon blue. The expensive yellow stove we had flown in from Europe. I helped pay for the remodeling of your house. Your assistant stole thousands from my [credit card] according to [American Express],” he alleged. “Out of all people you should be completely understanding of my my grind. But you just can’t win with you. My schedule is CRAZY but you never help me see my son. I’m hardly allowed to talk to him on the phone. Ever.”

Method Man – Know Your Role

MGK’s Bodyguards beat the sh-t out of some Actor for calling him a Kitty Kat

Machine Gun Kelly’s bodyguards beat the bloody hell out of an actor who called out the rapper over the blood feud with Eminem … TMZ has learned.

The violence started late Friday night in Atlanta … cops say MGK and his crew were in a restaurant bar when the actor named Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez walked up to him with his phone out and started recording. In the video, obtained by TMZ, you see G-Rod point at MGK and say, “I’m gonna say it because it has to be said, you’re a pus*y for going for family!” G-Rod tells us he was especially upset because he’s a husband and father of 3 kids.

G-Rod was pissed at Kelly for his beef with Eminem — which started when Kelly said Em’s then-teenaged daughter, Hailie, is hot.

In the video, MGK appears to shove G-Rod and turn the phone away. The video stops there, but G-Rod says that’s when 5 of MGK’s bodyguards swooped in and, as he puts it, MGK suddenly got tough and started challenging him. G-Rod claims Kelly shoved him. He says the bar manager immediately sided with the celebrity … and kicked out G-Rod.



G-Rod says 2 hours later he was walking toward a Hampton’s Inn — across the street from the bar — when he noticed MGK and his crew hanging outside their tour bus. When they started barking at each other an Atlanta PD officer stepped in to cool things down, but G-Rod says MGK went off … calling the cop a “pus*y” and “pig.”

G-Rod says the officer did nothing in response — which pissed of G-Rod. He told us if a black or Latino person had said that to a cop … they’d immediately be tased or worse.

G-Rod says he went into the hotel lobby and MGK continued jawing at him … with all his bodyguards standing around him. G-Rod, who’s a pretty big dude, says he told them he’d fight each of them — one at a time — if they wanted a fight. Instead, he says the bodyguards all jumped him at once.

According to cops, who’ve seen surveillance video, one guard body slammed G-Rod and then 3 others started punching and kicking him in the face. G-Rod — who’s had roles in “Ozark,” “Power” and “NCIS: New Orleans” — says MGK wasn’t involved at that point, he just let his bodyguards get physical.

G-Rod tells TMZ he’s already hired a lawyer and intends to file a lawsuit against MGK, however, he adds, “I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons.”

Police are investigating, and G-Rod is at an ER getting treatment for severe facial injuries

Scarface Battling Lung Cancer

Houston Rapper Diagnosed With Cancer

Scarface is fighting for his life against an aggressive and deadly form of cancer, BOSSIP has learned.

The veteran Houston rapper is battling lung cancer after years of “chain-smoking” cigarettes and marijuana, according to a source close to the star.

Scarface, whose real name is Brad T. Jordan, has been receiving treatment for the lung disease in his native Houston at Memorial Hermann Medical Center, which is renown for exceptional oncological care, the source said.

We’re told his condition has been up and down, and he had a close call a few months ago, telephoning a loved one in tears to complain that he was having trouble breathing and he believed it was the end.

However, the former “Geto Boys” member was able to bounce back and has booked a number of performances and other engagements since. He is now set to be in New York City this weekend for a show at the Source360 Conference and Festival in Brooklyn.

Scarface has not commented on the diagnosis, and we’ve also repeatedly reached out to his lawyer for comment.

Lung cancer disproportionately impacts the African-American community compared with other ethnic groups, and African-Americans are more likely to develop the disease and die from it, according to the American Lung Association

Rest in Heaven Mac Miller

“To everyone who sell me drugs / Don’t mix it with that bulls–t / I’m hoping not to join the 27 club / Just want the coke dealer house with the velvet rug / F–k the world, there’s no one else but us.” – “Brand Name” Mac Miller

Sadly, Mac is gone….way too soon…Mac was just 26…

Though Mac Miller was known to many as the former boyfriend of Ariana Grande, the late rapper was a prolific artist who spent a decade crafting his artform.

But his immense talent also came with great struggles and, on Friday, the 26-year-old died of an apparent drug overdose.

The young artist, who referred to himself as “the coolest Jewish rapper,” was pronounced dead at 11:51 a.m. at his Studio City, California, home, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE. A cause of death is yet to be determined, but a source tells PEOPLE the rapper had gone into cardiac arrest after appearing to suffer a drug overdose.

The rapper was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. His mother, a photographer named Karen Meyers is Jewish, while his father Mark McCormick, an architect, is Christian.

Miller’s love for music began at an early age and he taught himself to play numerous instruments in grade school before turning his attention to rapping. “Once I hit 15, I got real serious about it and it changed my life completely,” Miller told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2010.

He released his first mixtape But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy in 2007 under the name EZ Mac.

Miller, whose real name was Malcolm McCormick, then dropped The Jukebox, another mixtape, in 2009. “I was still trying to figure out who I was at this point,” Miller told Post-Gazette about his first two projects. “When you’re a young kid and you’re trying to rap you listen to the radio and you don’t know what you want to talk about. I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. I just wanted to tell people I could rap.”

After releasing his next two mixtapes K.I.D.S. and The High Life and embarking on a college tour, Miller went on tour with Wiz Khalifa in 2012.

In total, Miller has released five albums: Blue Slide Park (2011), Watching Movies with the Sound Off (2013), GO:OD AM (2015), The Divine Feminine (2016) and Swimming (2018).

Joe Budden to Eminem: “I’ve been better than you this entire decade”

Joe Budden talks about the new Eminem album and the shots he takes at Joe…