Brittany Renner Is About To Expose Your Favorite Rapper

October 21st, 2018· • Views: 253

A number of rappers are about to get exposed, thanks to their thirst for IG model, Brittany Renner

It’s official ya’ll, people are really growing up and aspiring to be the next Superhead. Brittany Renner, IG model, and entertainer to the entertainers, is about to drop a bomb on the game with her book “Judge This Cover.”

Saving herself from a dozen defamation lawsuits, she disguises her escapades with various rappers with code names, as she spills the beans.

There’s a title called “Evan: Flag on the Play” that many suspect to be about NFL superman, Colin Kaepernick. In the story, she claims that he made her pay for flight and Uber to test her “seriousness” about the ordeal. Pimp game 101!

She also, allegedly, had a moment with Lil Uzi Vert.

The chapter title, “Hector: Dancing with the Devil,” was touched upon her IG, where she posted a picture of her and Uzi on FaceTime and captioned it “Chapter 7.”

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