Asher Roth Working for Uber ? The Rise and Fall of the College Rapper

February 17th, 2018· • Views: 213

It appears the college loving rapper, Asher Roth, shouldn’t have partied so hard back in school. It has been reported on several outlets that Roth is now driving for Uber in San Fran.

The Rise

Roth rose to fame with the hit record, I Love College, the song which blatantly stole from the rock band Weezer, and he was put on the XXL Freshman list. He was a buzzing act on one of the hottest labels in the music industry, SRC, His album had major features from the likes of Cee-Lo and Keri Hilson. Yet, despite these co-signs, Roth failed to bring any music that moved anyone.

SRC put Roth on tour with Blink 182, crossed their fingers, and hoped for the best. Even as an opening act for the biggest band in the world at the time, Roth again failed to deliver.

How a rapper could fail with Cee-Lo is just proof that Roth was a one hit wonder bound to fall….That fact that the song was a complete hack job of a great Weezer song, showed that the fall was going to be ugly.

The Fall

After the touring funds from SRC dried up, and I Love College stopped spinning, Roth tried to play the publicity game to keep his name in the game. He put out rumors that he was homosexual even tweeting that he was gay. The rumors circulated that he was the rapper in Terrence Dean’s book on the subject.



After a few subpar mix tapes that failed to deliver, Roth was gone from the scene. He was quietly dropped from SRC, and the world moved on.

Now Roth is back on social media promoting new songs, but without the major label behind him, he appears to be all but finished. This brought us to find out what he was doing now. It saddens us to say that we could only say he is working for Uber, driving for Uber that is, and in a Honda Accord to make matters even worse.

Now there is nothing wrong with a Honda Accord, my own grandmother drives one, but for Roth to have fallen so far is the real point here.

If you are in the San Fran area and looking for ride be on the lookout for college kid. Maybe you can suggest some classes at the University of Phoenix for him as we hear it’s hard to party at that school….

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