Troy Ave Announces ‘Dope Boy Troy Vol. 2: NuPac’ Album (Cover)

April 8th, 2017· • Views: 197

Exactly one week after releasing “Dope Boy Troy Vol. 1.Troy Ave, announces he will drop the second installment of the series titled “Dope Boy Troy Vol. 2: NuPac” on April 14th.

“A few media outlets with hidden agendas against us real ones done twisted what i said, and thru lemons in hopes of covering & preventing my true message from gettin thru to the masses,” he captioned an Instagram photo of the album cover. “Well ya Dope Boy Troy gon twist those into Lemonade & Serve it Cold! The Hate can’t effect me cause I’m fearless, dedicated, faithful & righteous! Never Wait out the storm Y’all! Go Dance in The Rain With that said on Friday April 14th Ima drop this [Street Album] titled: Dope Boy Troy (vol.2) #NuPac! I’m airing everybody tha f** out! ….. These Ain’t No Photoshopped Pictures, This My Real Life.”

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