R Prophet formerly of Platinum Selling Rap Group, Nappy Roots, Stealing Beats @rprophet

February 7th, 2017· • Views: 3900

Kenneth Anthony aka R. Prophet pictured

Kenneth Anthony aka R. Prophet pictured here with his wife.

a rapper who was a former member of the Grammy nominated, and multi-platinum selling hip hop group, Nappy Roots, has apparently been stealing beats. Well maybe not ‘beats’ but at least one beat….

R. Prophet is no longer a member of the group, Nappy Roots, and has had a personal falling off of sorts. It appears that after he couldn’t afford to pay a producer a measly $500 dollars for a beat, R. Prophet went ahead and released the song. Now you need to remember, even if a rapper/musician gives a song away for FREE, they still need to work out something with the producer of the song. The rapper is getting publicity, attention, and more from releasing the song even if it is for ‘free’. But if you don’t pay the producer or have something set up with the producer so they can too get some of those things, then you are robbing them.

Now R. Prophet, as we stated, has had a fall from grace since leaving the world famous, Nappy Roots, he was allegedly beaten by the police in an incident a few years back in Harden County, Kentucky. TMZ covered the issue, but nothing ever came from the ordeal even though R. Prophet has tried unsuccessfully to sue. It should also be noted that he has tried to raise money, again unsuccessfully, via gofundme and other online funding accounts.

Harden County Police didn’t respond back to us for a comment, but they did guide us to look at the police report and charges on R Prophet. The charges of alcohol intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, menacing and assault on a police officer, were all held up.

R. Prophet was again in the news in 2015 as he was featured on the MTV show, Catfish. The show looks at people who fall in love with strangers on the internet often being duped into thinking their online crush looks different than they do.

The story here about the beat theft? We will just put the direct youtube videos uploaded by the producer of the song. No need to judge if it really happened, as R. Prophet does admit he stole the beat and has no intention of paying for it. We will not post the song that was made to the beat. So watch the videos if you want to hear about it, or tweet to R. Prophet and let him know he is a piece of sh*t for this.

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