January 24th, 2017· • Views: 176

TDE’s resident songstress, SZA, has been on the cusp of R&B stardom for the better part of the last few years, thanks in large part to the lone project she’s released on the label since signing with them in 2013, Z. Her follow-up won’t follow in the name-spelling tradition of her last two opuses–S and Z–but she’s certainly poised to release the biggest project of her career with her new album, CTRL. Now, we know when it’ll arrive: February 3.

SZA announced today that CTRL will be out on February 3, her first official release in nearly 3 years. In support of the album thus far, she’s released “Drew Barrymore,” a confident single tinged with both somber tones and an ironically liberating chorus, yet another example of the Jersey product’s ability to layer moods and ideals in her music. You can listen to “Drew Barrymore” here.

In an interview with Billboard, SZA not only revealed her album’s release date, but spoke extensively about her work with Rihanna. SZA appeared on and co-wrote the first track on Rihanna’s latest album, ANTI, “Consideration.”

“She wanted to work with me, and I played some jams that I was working on for myself, and it went from there,” the singer tells Billboard. “Rihanna doesn’t give a fuck about anyone around her. She’s in her own space at all times. But she’s not rude — she’s comfortable. As a shy person, that was something cool to witness.”

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