T.I. Writes Letters to Barack Obama and Donald Trump

January 16th, 2017· • Views: 178

A little over a week ago on January 6th rapper T.I. penned a letter to President Barack Obama. T.I.’s letter was written to thank the President as he feels Obama, “Defined a culture, shook up and woke a generation”. He also stated the Barack Obama’s “legacy will live on” as he called for everyone who was inspired by Obama to take charge and do more including himself. This week the rapper has penned another letter, this time to President-elect Donald Trump. Throughout his letter he consistently emphasizes “US, WE and YOU” to acknowledge the separation between the people Trump has caused since his campaign began. T.I.’s letter isn’t necessarily bashing Trump but more so trying to provide an understanding as to how people of color feel in today’s society. Read both letters or take a listen below and tell us what you think.

For the letter to Barrack Obama click here.

For the letter to Donald Trump click here.

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